202O fashion trends I’m trying out this year

Hi guys.

It’s your favorite blogger, writing her first post on fashion. It’s awesome!!

last year my wardrobe was lacking style, it was disorganized, which made it really hard for me to combine an outfit. So I dedicated this year to bringing out myself in fashion and finding my style, which I have secretly loved 🥰. I followed some fashion bloggers and watched fashion videos on tiktok and voila, here I am with my first fashion article. I never thought I would Include it in one of my lifestyle stories cause I never saw myself as a fashion person, but I thought it’s crazy that I do not have a personal style, and as a blogger, I felt I should have my own style.

Also I’ve learnt that having a style is also another way to glow 😊. So let’s glow together

There were a lot of exciting trend last year, I was too scared to try them last year. We all know 2020 brought back the 90’s fashion trend and added a little bit of spice to it. I’m still waiting on what 2021 would bring cause it’s just starting. But there are so many trends I feel would stay this year and even if it doesn’t, personally for me it will.

WIDE LEG TROUSERS/PANTS: Baggy trousers, I love how cool they make me feel, it’s so comfortable and it’s easy to style in any aesthetic. Be it classy, street style, edgy, soft girl, or any other aesthetic you can think of, that is what makes it trend. I’m not sure it would die soon anyways. I’m saying good bye to most of my skinny jeans this year and I’m not I’m going back because baggy trousers are fire. Also it can be found any where and also very affordable, which means you can thrift it anywhere. So go to the nearest market beside you, Yaba, Lagos island(Balogun market) I’m sure you can find some at a very low price.

BOOTS: I recently noticed I was obsessed with boots when I was little, whenever my mum got them for me, I do not touch any other of my shoes, except I’m being forced. The obsession is back! Those shoes makes me feel like a million bucks and although I haven’t got much(just one, it’s not even combats) I’m planning to fill up my shoe racks with it. Maybe have a collection or something. It can be styled with trousers, skirts and also dresses. Which makes you good to go, to any casual occasion you find yourself going to.

You can get your boots from any store but I got mine from pretty little thing website. During their sales. (Stick with me if you want to know when international websites are having sales)

LAYERING OUTFITS: The reason I love layering is because, modest girls have a way to be fashionable, while being modest. Seeing layered outfits, made me know that anyone, I mean anyone can slay, no matter your belief or what you believe in, your style is not a problem.

What to layer?

You can layer corsets, layer your sweatshirt, your tshirts, your dresses and even use scarfs to layer. It gets more awesome 👏🏼. Though I didn’t try it last year. I’m definitely trying it this year.

Corsets: You can layer your corset of your graphic tees, your shirts, your dress

Long sleeve tops: this can go over your dress, under your T-shirt’s and also under your dress

Tank tops: I love this trend with oversized tshirts it’s really lovely and I’m going to try it out

Collar T-shirts: this definitely goes under your sweatshirt ( heat would kill you in Nigeria if you layer your outfit, if you want to then be ready for it) . This outfit can be gotten anywhere at anytime, at your favorite local stores and international stores too

BLAZERS: You do not need to have one once you get a white collar job anymore. Blazer can be styled in different ways than you can imagine now. It can be styled with a bodycon dress, it can be styled with wide leg trousers, it can be styled with joggers, (try it and comment in the comment section if you love it)

Blazers with joggers

it can be styled with skirts and it’s lovely for monochrome outfits. The best colors to get when you want to buy a blazer is black and nude, trust me they go with everything. The best thing about blazer is that it can be easily thrifted, so go to the nearest market I’m sure you would find a lot. Blazers are everywhere

Crop blazers

LEATHER OUTFITS: If you want to look like a million bucks, try adding anything leather to your outfit of the day, trust me it would give you the complete look, especially when you a wear full leather outfit( you and Elon Musk would be dragging world richest person) leather jackets can go with anything and leather trousers too, leather skirts makes me feel sexy. I’ll advice buy from a reliable store because I would not want my leather to be start peeling off. So when buying, buy one that has much quality.

MONOCHROME OUTFITS: Nowadays you can wear all pink and not look weird, I always felt a little weird wearing the same color all through(except black. It never gets old), I don’t think I would anymore. It’s the matured style that comes with it. Combining outfits of the same colors in their different tones/shades. For example

Different shades of green

It actually looks so splendid combined together. So it’s one of the trends I’m looking into this year.

Other trends are:

Cardigan outfits

Flannel shirts


Other trends to try

What trends are you looking into, that I didn’t mention above. Drop in the comment section let’s discuss

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Xoxo 💋


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