TOP CREATORS OF 2020 (creatives that made my year)

Hey guys👋👋

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I’ve been having a hard time trying to balance my time and make my schedule work for me, which made me confused for a while.

Even with all of that going on. There were still certain people I always enjoy going to their Instagram page and they kept me busy, while trying to figure out myself. I would love to share them with you. You might know them and you might not but it’s good to actually meet them because they added one or two to my lifestyle this year

Drum 🥁 rollssssssssssssssssssss

First is Nonye @thisthingcalledfashion on instagram. She is a fashion blogger and a cool one, really cool one. Her feed is not really aesthetic, I meant having a particular color or style but her videos are always interesting to watch, it always keep me glued to my phone. Her fashion style is not like mine, because I’m always looking cute and comfy but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a great taste in fashion. All I know is that she is my favorite fashion blogger because she is herself in the videos you can definitely see that she is in love with all her creations. Which makes her my fave again. She inspires me to create more artistic content.

Number 2. CASSANDRA @cassiedaves on instagram. Also Cassie does not have and aesthetic Instagram feed, I think this is to show your I.G page doesn’t need to be aesthetic to get noticed, so if you don’t know how to do it do not stress yourself about it just keep doing what you do. Cassie gives me the calm vibes, I’m sure you know that’s is the new cool now. Yes calm vibes is the new cool). (I actually just call it calm vibes). She is a lifestyle blogger, she talks about everything including self care quotes that can help change your life schedule ( That’s why she is one of my favs) I love her style too, the way she combines colors of her outfit and how it fits. Her hair and skin is also fab, you should check her out.

Third is WendyMakss. She is also an instagram blogger, the reason she is on this list Is because of her page aesthetic. It’s really good, she has the cream aesthetic ( I’m not sure what they call it)

I love her style, it’s so comfortable, which is what I love now or the style I find myself into now, so that makes her earn number 3 on my list. She has the right to doesn’t she?

Temi Otedola. I love her style, she looks flawless as always. Her style is always so simple but so cute, which is why she is on my list because of her style. She is into fashion and is an actress too, her movie Citation made the internet last month and the movie is 9/10 for me. She also has a podcast and I’m sure you guys know her so There is no need to even explain much about her because I know she is quite popular, like who doesn’t know the daughter of Otedola, but I’m a fan so she is part of my list

The last person is me @hardohrah on instagram. Like why won’t I be on my favorite creators of 2020 list. I know I have to hype myself up a little bit. so yeah I’m the last person on my list. I think I’m supposed to be the first. This is just to say that I’m going to be so focused on growing my brand next year and I would love if you grow with me 😊😊😊😊

So guys this are my favorite creators of 2020, which one do you support, which do you not like or do you think should not be on the list. Comment below let’s talk


Hardohrah ❤️❤️❤️