Interesting date experiences

How many of us have actually been on dates that ended in a weird way? Probably everybody.

Maybe your date left you cause he couldn’t pay the bill, or your date talks weird, or he/she doesn’t have table manners. Just something that actually made it a date that you can never forget. Something that you would tell your children, children, and laugh about it of course not cry about it 😂😂😂😂, or maybe you were pissed off or sad 😩. How your weird turned out you need to hear my own story .

So I went on a date with my Lil sis, and it was around 8 pm at night, somewhere around my area though, not too far and I also asked if my sis could come cause I couldn’t leave her at home that night. We went to chicken republic first at that time what we ordered was no longer available, we decided to go to dominos pizza to get pizza, just walking by and gisting and talking, my Lil sis did was about to cross the road and a car just sped passed her, luckily she saw it on time and dodged it. The car turned at went came to stop at a traffic light. It was then that the dude decided to go and confront the driver for almost hitting my sister. I talked, I told him it’s of no use, what if the guy had driven off, it wasn’t a serious case, my sis was alive and all that was all that mattered to me at that time. Dude didn’t listen and went to meet the driver and started shouting, the next thing I heard was GBAS GBOS!! Ahhh mogbe another person came from behind and hit him again. Where was I, I went to one cover with my sis? She was laughing though, I was shocked. It was two couples making out at a corner that actually saved him. Then he went to do what ever he wanted to do to find those guys. Gave me money to buy what I wanted to buy for myself and my sis and left.

That was by far the most interesting date experience that has ever happened to me. Was it funny? At that point it wasn’t but not it’s funny as hell. I just wanted to share it, just for laughs, I’m sure you’ve had worst than mind so please don’t forget to share 🙏🙏, let’s laugh too.

Moral lesson, sometimes listen to people, they might be right. It’s not every time you have to prove you’re a strong guy. I was happy he tried to stand up for me and my sis though, it was cute but the situation he fell in was funny.

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