My day in the business world (Lagos Market shenanigans)

Hey guys

It’s me again, thanks for the love you guys have been showing. I was meant to post this yesterday but I was so fucking tired, still tired now but I have to post this. Anyways, I’m helping my dad out in his store for a while now, resumed Friday and yesterday was Monday.

So I was left alone with the salesgirl. My dad never leaves the sales girl in charge, I don’t know why Igbo men problems, they hardly trust anybody. But I’m getting paid so no worries, I’ll work so long money is in my pocket. And we are always busy, especially on Monday’s making me rethink being a businesswoman, but when you’re seeing your money every day, what have you got to lose, you just have to sacrifice and attend to 5 customers at a time, and keep with their nagging and their grumbling, especially seeing me and my cute face( yes it’s cute🤪) expecting me not to know anything, I know I look that way, but it’s too much in the market. I’ll hear things like ”ajebo, you sabi anything sef”. I know I’m like that but it’s not that much now😭. I’m pako on the inside 🤔

So this woman came and she decided to sit down, she was in her late forties, I mean she looks like it. She started telling us what she wanted, we started attending to her, after I brought out her orders, aunty told us, she just wanted to know the price, I laughed, I mean this woman came to the shop made me bring out things that she didn’t want to buy and said she is coming next week. You see the kind of people, we have in this Lagos. I was so pissed, my day just spoilt all of it. I think it’s because no elderly person was in the shop or maybe she wanted to take something, cause they do it a lot at the market, one has to be careful, like who does that🤷‍♀️? The kind of customers, you find in Lagos market are appalling 😂. But it’s all good I had to control myself, I wouldn’t want to be rude actually

But how would you have acted 🤷‍♀️?

That’s how my day went guys

xoxo beautiful dreamerz. 😘