Addictive TV series (my faves😊)

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I’m back, I actually never left. How is your weekend going, I’m trying my best to take care of myself and not fall apart. Self-care is important, and watching movies is actually one important part of self-care. So out of the series of movies and tv shows that have been produced, there are just those addictive ones, the ones we can’t do without. Which is the reason for this post.

First of all, when I say the movies are addictive, they are because I don’t watch movies a lot and these ones are mindblowing, which is why I call them addictive tv series.

Grown-ish. The fashion and hairstyle in this movie is maybe why I keep watching it🤷‍♀️. It about a young girl moving into college and tries to make grownup decisions. I think if you’re still in the university, you should watch it, plus the male characters are so cute, especially Luca. Anyways grown-ish is a movie that will help you set up your life, no one is condemned for what they do. Once you start, you won’t stop. You can find it on

Black-ish. A black funny tv-series and actually this is where grown-ish came out from. The main character from grownish Zoey Johnson is from blackish. Trust me it’s for the laughs 😂😂😂😂. Also it shows on BET on DSTV, but you can download it on A story about the struggles of a rich, black family.

Stranger Things. This is a movie set in the 1990s. The people living in a small town did not know there is another part of their town called the upside-down. The movie is quite scary but maybe cause the main characters are kids, you won’t find it scary but with all the scary things, stranger things is one addictive movie that is a must watch. Available on Netflix

The Originals. A story about the first vampires. I love adventure movies about vampires and werewolves. The movie is all about the original vampires, going back to their town, which they built to take it back. Of course, my favorite character is Nicklaus. Available on Netflix

Lucifer. The devil going to Las Vegas for a vacation. It’s actually mostly crime scene and detective stuff. But lucifers accent is really cool, he has this British accent. Anyways I love the movie and I was glued to my screen for hours.

I love movies that can make me forget everything and focus on it. These are the movies that keep me glued to my screen for hours. I hope you love them and keep me updated, plus you can use it to enjoy your weekend


Beautiful dreamer❤️