My skincare journey

Hey guys!!

I’m about to drop another bomb, on you. I hope you guys are staying safe indoors, please don’t forget to wash your hands always, I mean always.

This story has been on hold for a long time now because of all the challenges, I’ve been facing on my skin, but I really don’t want to put it on hold anymore. I’m going to share my how I got my skincare routine and the challenges, it took for me to get there. Everyone has ups and downs in their life right?…. my skin had his own too.

By January I made the decision to have the perfect skin. It was one of my resolutions this year. I actually was too serious about this one because I researched a lot and, I’m not a pro now but I’ve got lots and lots of knowledge now but around 1st January 2020 I didn’t even know what my skin type was 🤷‍♀️. Don’t blame me, I was just comfortable with my skin then but not too comfortable. I wanted to feel comfortable with myself and my skin which gave me the strength to always look up things on YouTube, which has been very helpful 🙏.

I started with using toothpaste on my face. Found out that toothpaste actually dries up your pores and dries out your pimples and it is not a lie. Plus the fresh mint flavor all over your face is amazing. Toothpaste worked, it cleared my face but I was not satisfied with it I guess and I just had to look for another solution.

Next was the egg white and toothpaste face mask. Found this on YouTube, you have to make the face mask with tissue. After mixing the toothpaste and the egg white, you apply all over your face, then you put the tissue, you cut some and put at the side of your face, then cut and put on your forehead, cut and put on your chin. Allow to dry for about 20 minutes, peel off and trust me your face will feel amazing. If you can’t use the tissue, just put it on your face like that but the tissue works more🤷‍♀️. I guess I wasn’t satisfied with it too, so I went to look for more. I forgot to tell you I wanted a perfect skin with a budget, that’s why I did all these research.

After researching more and more, I found the one that I’m sticking too now which is the tumeric and honey face mask. At first I was just using tumeric face mask, which was tumeric mixed with milk, coconut oil, flour and a little drop of water cause you want it to be a paste which means you have to use very little water or you use evaporated milk 🥛. Once you apply on your face, you leave for 20 minutes and wash off with the soap you are using. Trust me it’s only a matter of days or weeks for your skin to be glowing, mine took days. If you want you can add honey to the mask or you, just mix the tumeric and honey together. Honey is said to exfoliate your skin, leaving it smooth and soft, so I applied honey at night. At that very time, this was my results

But with all these face mask, you need to have the perfect facial was and the perfect face toner especially those with, oily skin and also the perfect body oil. I don’t use body oil again, but I made my own carrot oil 😊 impressive right? Anyways it actually gave me more acne plus the fact that I was changing soap every time didn’t help matters at all. But I settled for black soap at the end of it all. When I mean black soap, I mean the local one from the market. It is so good for the skin. My dad said they call it Nchansinkita when he was little 😂😂😂. It dries up your pimples within days, and leaves your skin flawless but to brighten your skin, you have to use it with the tumeric face mask, because tumeric brightens the skin and also you can turn it into your own body scrub. Just add brown sugar with it and you can also add tumeric and honey and milk, to brighten yourself up. I actually made mine 👏👏.

I think I’m getting good at this skin care stuff because, everything I did worked for me and my family. I’m happy to share it with you guys. I’ve not gotten to that very point yet because I still have few pimples on my face which is clearing because my skin take time to clear. But I found what actually works for me and that’s the point about your skin. It’s yours so find out what is good for you

If you try out any info on my page just let me know and you can gist me about yours. I mean we are all bored right. This should keep us busy

Also to help with the physical things you need this

This also help with your skin.

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