Life after school

Hey guys…………..

It’s been a while since i wrote on my blog and a lot of people asked and I’m really sorry for backing out, was just going through this confusion phase, I’ve not gotten it all figured out but I’m trying, which is while I’m writing this post just to tell you how it has been……………..………

So if you know me, you will know that I graduated from the university 5 months ago which was October 2019 and I actually came back home two months ago which was December and it actually hit me so hard that life has started for me. Let me get you down with the gist

So after the Christmas and new year celebrations I had to look for something to do but before I came back I thought I had it all figured out. I won’t give all the details because I like to keep some of my life private, actually most of them. The plan was to make some money before going back to school to collect my statement of result, to tell the truth, it’s harder than I thought, like it’s like time is going fast but life is moving so slow and your losing the race. From job interviews to job interviews and receiving the words “I’ll get back to you” is actually the most annoying thing ever, but what can one do except to just give them the beauty smile and continue living and continue struggling. With all these going on I guess I lost the urge to stop writing and I notice I procrastinate a lot a bad habit I’m willing to trade anytime but I’m getting through it. Walking through Lagos, of course we are trekking because no bike and no keke again in Lagos, so we exercise everyday right now in Lagos except you have a car and even at that you would still meet the Lagos traffic, which is one in a million 😞 if you know what I mean plus everything is slow business is slow, prices of goods are going up quickly so everything is getting really expensive. This stress plus the fact that there is no job can cause someone to move into depression but not me 🙃I can’t move into depression because for me there is always a way out, so if things are not working out the way you want, they would surely workout somehow.

I ended up working with my dad and I get little cash from it which is a large step from the financial freedom I thought off, plus I’m doing Little side hustle which I would talk about some other time. motivational speakers say consistency is the key, so I’ll still keep on having faith. The struggle in life is real and I know all of you are going through your own pain one after the other and also I promised you that this will be short cause if I continue, I might write a book 🤷‍♀️. I have something to say


So whatever you are going through now, I hope you find your way through it like I did. So get ready because this won’t be the last you will here from me, I’ll keep writing for a very long time