Interesting date experiences

How many of us have actually been on dates that ended in a weird way? Probably everybody. Maybe your date left you cause he couldn’t pay the bill, or your date talks weird, or he/she doesn’t have table manners. Just something that actually made it a date that you can never forget. Something that you […]

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My skincare journey

Hey guys!! I’m about to drop another bomb, on you. I hope you guys are staying safe indoors, please don’t forget to wash your hands always, I mean always. This story has been on hold for a long time now because of all the challenges, I’ve been facing on my skin, but I really don’t […]

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Life after school

Hey guys………….. It’s been a while since i wrote on my blog and a lot of people asked and I’m really sorry for backing out, was just going through this confusion phase, I’ve not gotten it all figured out but I’m trying, which is while I’m writing this post just to tell you how it […]

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