My hair goals💇🏻💆🏻

Hey guys!!!! You know what hair goals means actually so I don’t really need to explain it, I’ve always dreamed of having this healthy full hair that I can style to my taste at anytime and people will love it and also get this compliment like “oh I love your hair”, “your hair looks so […]

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Squad goals

Hey guys! It’s me again with another one of my boring posts. Okay so I was thinking my last post was on duff which was designated ugly fat friend which I remember saying was the odd one in every squad so I thought about it and decided to put on SQUAD GOALS!!! Which is a […]

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Letter to my loved one ❤️💚

you know how bad you want to talk to someone but you can’t🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️, maybe because of pride or misunderstandings. Truth is everything happens for a purpose in your life, I don’t think the universe will let it happen if it wasn’t meant to teach you a lesson, anyway what is meant to be will be […]

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Do dreams actually come true? Cause I’ve not actually experienced one before and it’s sad. I believe they do but I’m much of a dreamer so I guess most of them are just fantasies. No matter what your life can never be as perfect as you imagine it to be, I believe that we can […]

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The season of love Self love

Her heart is broken, she is torn apart, to her he was her everything someone she could never give up. What wrong with me “Am I not beautiful enough” she asked herself , she looked at the mirror and didn’t believe herself, what did I do wrong, like I actually gave him everything I mean […]

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